Leaders of SHENFU Group and SENSATEC GmbH visited Beijing Ruohe Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

Issuing time:2018-12-10 14:56Author:Ding GushengSource:original works


Helena Di-Heil, Chairman of SHENFU Group,andDr. StephanHuttmann, CEO of SENSATEC GmbH visited Beijing Ruohe Environmental TechnologyCo., Ltd. on 9th,December, 2018, and technical training was conducted. Mr. Hongwen Yu, executivedirector of Environmental monitoring committee ofChina industrial energy conservation andcleaner production association, and Mr. Qiang Wei, general manager of RuoheEnvironmental Technology Co., Ltd., attended the meeting.

A training about soil and groundwater remediation, treatment ofvolatile organic compounds was made by Dr. Stephan Huttmann through a large number ofengineering examples, including the application of microbial technology,investigation and monitoring technology, in-situ remediation technology. (Jiasheng Ding)

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