Technical seminar between SHENFU Group, SENSATEC GmbH and Environmental Technology & Engineering Co.

Issuing time:2018-12-12 15:02Author:Ding GushengSource:original works


Helena Di-Heil, Chairman of SHENFU Group,andDr. StephanHuttmann, CEO of SENSATEC GmbH visited Environmental Technology & Engineering Co. Ltd (a holding companyunder Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Science) on 11thDecember, 2018. Mr. Lei Zhang, the general manager of Environmental Technology& Engineering Co. Ltd and Dr. Xin Zhao attended the meeting.

All the attendees hadan in-depth exchange of views on the issues of soil and groundwaterremediation, microbial technology, sensor-based environmental investigation and drillingtechnology. A high evaluation was expressed by Mr. Lei Zhang on thetechnology of SHENFUGroup and SENSATEC GmbH, and it was hoped thatstrategic and technical cooperation can be carried out between EnvironmentalTechnology & Engineering Co. Ltd and SHENFU Group. (Jiasheng Ding)

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